Community Outreach

Over 250 copies of LOVE LIKE A DOG are being donated to more than 45 animal shelters across the country that welcome in and adopt out any misunderstood breeds such as the bully breeds, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Rottwielers and Akitas. Additional copies of Love Like A Dog are being donated to Chicago-area dog training, grooming & boarding facilities to use to raise money for their local favorite animal cause.

Some Hard Facts:

Dog-fighting today occurs in twenty-two of Chicago’s twenty-five police districts, and is on the rise nationwide, a burgeoning underground economy, hardly mitigated by Michael Vick’s conviction. Though a felony offence, less than handful of successful prosecutions have been executed in Illinois in the past decade. Animal shelters throughout the country are inundated with fought and abused pit bulls. The media reports on this “criminal” breed, alert to the justifiable hysteria produced, and the numbers of papers this will sell. All too rarely does the media subsequently investigate the deed, helping to ensure prosecution of the dog’s owners. Meanwhile, the court systems are inundated, breed ban hysterics shout and scream, pit bulls are bred and sold recklessly, and every person who fights and gambles on these dogs knows that (s)he has only nominal accountability to his/her state’s laws. I have wanted to write a novel resulting in a successful felony prosecution.

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