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Guess what? I’m in love. With CreateSpace.

I can’t swear to this but I think the CreateSpace big-wigs studied the Apple store model. Have you ever noticed how many people crowd each and every Apple store? It’s like a festival in there. But what is the big turn-on? Incredible staff support. Personalized staff support. When things go all monolithic, the deep-seated hunger we have to feel loved and cared for comes raging into full focus. Monolithic = alientation. But if a big organization hires a large service staff, and someone approaches you the minute you enter the door or the portal or whatever, you forget the size of the enterprise. You, the individual, are being listened to one on-one by someone whose entire mission is to grant your wish. Disneyland! Cinderella’s fairy-godmother is alive! This is great! One-on-one connection is big niche self-publishing is filling. They say: have a can-do attitude.