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Favorite Create Space Feature

CreateSpace has a menu bar with the link: Contact Support.
Hit it and you get: Request for Member Support.
Then this text:

Talk to us!
We’ll call you.  Right now.  Really.

Below which is a button:
Call me.

You type in your phone number and they call you right away.

Because I have lived a long life with its attendant struggles I am not used to such expediency and politeness.  I don’t have to press “1” or “3” or give a secret code number and wait 10 minutes before speaking to someone.  I can hardly believe it each time.

I have phoned about my proofs, how to navigate their site and understand their stages of production, how royalties work, the time frame for the press releases, the process of expanded distribution to bookstores. Usually, I’m given a pleasant but firm prognosis of a certain number of weeks a particular task completion.   And every single time, they have not only met, but anticipated their deadline.  Maybe I’m lucky.