Links and Resources

Anne Calcagno is an In Kind Professional Member of HeARTs Speak
promoting deeper understanding for the voiceless.


You can buy LOVE LIKE A DOG from our friends at the following websites:

Bark Bark Club, voted best dog groomer in Chicago


There are wonderful informational and rescue organizations, devoted to dogs of all breeds. A very partial list of some organizations devoted to the bully breeds are:

Women & Children First, Shop as Independently as You Think
Women & Children First will be hosting our Book Launch and party; a reading and celebration!
When: September 26th, Sunday 4:30 p.m.
Where: Women & Children First bookstore / 5233 N. Clark

All or Nothing Pit Bull Rescue, dedicated to saving fighting pit bulls, rehabilitating them, and adopting them into loving families

Animal Farm Foundation, to protect all dogs from discrimination and cruelty

Bama Bully Rescue, works with shelters and the public on issues of adoption, education, and training

Bad Rap, non-profit owners, trainers and rescuers organization

Best Friends Animal Society, animal sanctuary

Bless the Bullys, Education, Awareness, Advocacy

Bombshell Bullies, rescue, education, adoption

C.A.R.E-evanston, education and adoption.

Chako Pit Bull Rescue, rescue and adoption organization that works to support advocacy efforts nationwide

Chicago Canine Rescue, assisting the animals that are the most vulnerable in our city and throughout the midwest.

Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue, rescue, adoption and educational events in the Chicagoland area

Chicagoland Dog Rescue, rescue, shelter, training, adoption.

Chicagoland Shepherd Rescue, rescue, rehab and rehoming of shelter and stray German Shepherds.

Dead Dog Walking Pit Bull Rescue, helping stray animals find loving and permanent homes

Defending Dog advocacy

Don’t Bully My Breed, adoptable animals and pit bull resources and

For Pit’s Sake, non-profit animal rescue organization

Hug A Bull, rescue, adoption and community of owners, advocates and enthusiasts

Humane Society of Elkhart County, adoption and education

Karma Rescue, dealing with special needs dogs that require urgent help

Love-A-Bull Rescue, Education, Advocacy, Responsibility

Mariah’s Promise, “All that we can – We will” animal rescue

Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue, rescue, education and adoption

Midwest Lab Rescue, shelter and adoption for unwanted or abandoned Labs.

Midwest Rescue of IL Inc Pit Bull Rescue, “Finding forever homes for Chicago’s pit bulls!”

Mike’s Dog House, all rescued dogs are temperament tested, socialized, vetted and matched to a family

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue, adoption, advocacy and education

National Canine Research Council, reliable research to promote a better understanding of the human-canine bond

One Tail At A Time, matches the lifestyle of adopters with each dog’s personality and needs

Our Pack, Inc., shelter and foster home training of dogs and their people

Out Of The Pits, the true nature of the Pit Bull

Petfinder, more than 13 million adoptions since 1995

Pinups For Pit Bulls, information and social events

Pit Bull Rescue Central, where education meets rescue

Pit Bull Lovers, caring, health, positive stories and fun activities

PitBulls On The Web, community against cruelty and the abuse of animals

Pit Stop Rescue, rescue and adoption with a “page of happiness” featuring so many smiles!

Red Door Animal Shelter, since the Middle Ages, a red door has been the symbol of a safe haven.

Save the Pit Bulls, very informative ‘Stop Breed Specific Legislation’ website authored by J Thomas

Shelter Angels Pit Bull Rescue, rescuing dogs from Atlanta shelters

Sgt. Stubby, a Connecticut Hero, the history of a World War I canine hero

Stubby Dog, “Rediscovering Pit Bulls as lifelong friends”

The Sula Foundation, responsible ownership through low-cost clinics

The Unexpected Pit Bull, positive stories and image gallery

Villalobos Rescue Centre, facts and Pit Bull adoption

Wiggle Butts Bully Rescue, Inc, rescue and adoption plus, successful adoption pictures and stories!

Working Pit Bull, Diane Jessup’s educational site