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Meeting “Animal” Readers

This is my first book about dogs (in Animal Studies departments referred to as “nonhuman animals.”) Which means that, although I’ve gone to dog parks and beaches and through the neighborhood on dog walks, and although I used to volunteer at an animal shelter, I am suddenly meeting many more dog people than ever before. The other day, at a promotional event, someone came up to me, and said, “Do you meditate?”
I replied, ‘Sadly I do not.”
“Well, you must. For the animals. I am inviting you to meditate on animals with us every morning at 10:00 a.m. at the Apollo Theater.”

That night, a well-intentioned friend called. “I wish I knew how I could help you get the book out there,” he said. “Have you tried pet stores?”
“Have you tried bookstores?”
“What about Rogation Days?”
“That’s when everyone in the Episcopal Church brings their pet to church to be blessed. You could set up a booth and sell your book!”
But Jesus chased the moneylenders out of the temple.

Did you notice the reverse spelling of G-O-D is D-O-G.